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The Seasons Update!

Version 6 for Bronze Age 2.4 includes:

  • New housing type which trades housing for higher happiness.
  • Production bonus from high morale!
  • Seasons!
  • Taverns, which use beer or wine produced by breweries and wineries to produce happiness bonus.
  • Market, which uses bread, meat and clothing to produce food and some happiness bonus.
  • Hamp fields, which produce fibers.
  • Tailor, which turns fibers into clothing.
  • Butcher, which turns pigs into meat.
  • Watchtower which has large vision area.
  • Wells&Water infrastructure.
  • Windmills turn wheat into flour which is used for making bread.
  • Leatherworks.
  • Administrative building for your town expansion needs.
  • Public baths to keep your huge towns clean and happy.
  • Changes to morale mechanics.
  • Charcoal pit and Charcoal which is required for bronze smelter.

This version didn't get playtested and might be unbalanced, any feedback is appreciated.

Get CommodoreShawn's Bronze Age here:


StatusIn development
CategoryGame mod
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Admin++ V6.zip 143 kB
Admin++ better raids Alpha.zip - Optional, use at your own risk 4 kB

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